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The creators of Canalopy, Cana Elite, offer online or in-person tutoring for IB and other syllabuses. Cana Elite has three centres located in Hong Kong: Sheung Wan, Fo Tan, and Shek Mun, and are available globally online. If you prefer an interactive experience over independent learning, tutoring may be ideal. Cana Elite has over 100 experienced tutors from leading US, UK, Canadian, Hong Kong and Singaporean universities. With tutoring, you can accommodate your personal level and target your individual, specific issues.

What Can Cana Elite Tutors Offer?

Our tutors provide:

  • Explanations of difficult concepts in a clear, concise, and effective manner
  • Individualised feedback and advice
  • Specific exam techniques that come from years of experience teaching IB syllabuses
  • Accommodation for your personal skill level and academic goals 
  • Different methods teaching to target the style and pace of learning that suits you 
  • Regular check-ins to keep you focused and optimise your revision strategy
  • Interactive learning that complements your Canalopy studies and boosts your potential

How it works:

Visit to inquire about  one-on-one online or in-person lessons. If you prefer to learn with your friends, Cana Elite also offers regular courses for  small groups. If you do not have time for regular tutoring, consider attending intensive, short-term courses in the summer, Christmas and Easter holidays, or signing up for ad hoc lessons whenever needed. 

Visit to find out more about subjects offered, learn more about our tutors, read testimonials, or book a half-price trial lesson.