About Canalopy

Canalopy is an IB education platform designed for both students and teachers. It features interactive study guides tailored for exam preparation, practice questions, in-depth videos, proprietary practice questions, and sample questions. Canalopy’s purpose is to empower learners and provide support that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Our team

The Canalopy team designed the platform with a single core value: create an immersive environment conducive to learning so that all students can thrive and excel. An international team of IB teachers and examiners used their decades of experience in classroom teaching, individual tutoring, test-taking coaching, and examination marking to create Canalopy based on its core value. Together, the team continually builds, reviews, refines and tests the platform, shaping it into an optimized resource for learning and teaching.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide teachers and students a multi-function interactive platform, Canalopy, that optimizes both learning effectiveness and teaching efficiency. Based on individual pace and needs, students learn from study guides and fortify exam preparedness with an array of auto-graded drill exercises and exam-like questions. With analytical information of students' performance, teachers can monitor individual student's learning progress and assign tailor made enhancement practice.

Our school partner(s)

LPC United World College