About Us


Canalopy grew out of a leading Hong Kong education institution that has been teaching students in the IB curriculum for over a decade. As IB teachers and examiners, it is our mission to think differently about education. We believe that students are better prepared for their IB exams and for their future when they can relate their education to the events that take place around them. With this in mind, we built Canalopy, an interactive and user-friendly learning management system for the modern student and the modern teacher. The Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong is the official school partner of Canalopy

oUR mission

Canalopy actively promotes an interactive learning experience by leveraging modern technology. As such, it provides students with extensive IB knowledge and an insight into preparing for and taking examinations. Canalopy caters for two types of users: the teacher and the student. For the teacher, it provides analytical information enabling them to monitor student progress, aiding the teaching process. For the student, it offers an interactive learning experience tailored to their own individual pace and need, striving to increase learning autonomy and efficiency.

Our team

The team here at Canalopy share a common value: that in the right environment, all students can thrive and excel in their chosen fields. Our outstanding team of IB teachers and examiners bring with them decades of experience in classroom teaching, private tutoring as well as IB examining, and have been critically selected to provide the most extensive IB materials tailored to the IB teachers and students.